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Adopt Mischief Today and Support Make-A-Wish®

This holiday season, warm your hearth with a fuzzy little ball of fel fire. Meet Mischief, a curious kitten...

Raid Preview: Taking on the Trial of Valor

Since Loken’s betrayal, Odyn has been trapped within the Halls of Valor as Helya plots in the shadows to...

Patch 7.1 Developer Q&A Liveblog: Return to Karazhan Live October 25th

Game Director Ion Hazzikostas is answering all of your questions about Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan. We will...

Legion: Major Change Coming For The Trait “Treasure Hunter”

Alpha is still going strong on the test realms. A result of build all Blizzard weeks working hard! In the build 21,134 deployed that night, an important change was made on the trait “Treasure Hunter” subjects of Garrison. Indeed it no longer grants 100% more gold but stronghold of resources instead (Extreme Scavenger). It is [...] Read more
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Legion: more information on professions

At BlizzCon, developers had announced availability of the beta before the end of the year. Last night the first build Legion appeared on Blizzard servers., the following information may therefore prove inaccurate because they were taken from the game files. Just as nothing is set in stone and that everything can change overnight. Tooltips on [...] Read more

World Of Warcraft Levelling Cheat Guides

World Of Warcraft Levelling Cheat Guides Why this run on World of Warcraft gold? Blame it on the five million people worldwide who play World of Warcraft (that’s more people than live in the state of Colorado). A World of Warcraft mount refers to an item that upon activation changes the character to represent the [...] Read more

World Of Warcraft Guides

World of Warcraft has evolved since its initial release. A call for War against Ahn’Qiraj went out and the combined might of the Alliance and Horde sealed away the menace of the Old God for good. Originally one of Queen Azshara’s night elf Highborne he and a small group of renegade Highborne aided in the [...] Read more